With the Pandemic disrupting businesses across America, Virtual Appointment Setting Services are more crucial now than ever.

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Grindstone offers professional B2B Appointment Setting Services with our main focus on highly closable leads. If your sales team is lacking qualified leads you have come to the right place. Our multi-touch and follow up strategies get our clients results. Grindstone’s highly experienced team is laser-focused on what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best. Grindstone is based in America and serves national and international customers. So, whether you are an established Fortune 500 company or a small business, Grindstone is here to help with your telemarketing strategy.

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Appointment Setting is absolutely critical for a successful company. Appointment Setting allows a company to optimize scheduling to better assist existing clients. Specifically, it is especially beneficial to companies with smaller sales forces. There is also a distinct difference and skill set between closers and prospectors. Some salespeople are comfortable with scheduling their own appointments but the vast majority are better suited to speak with pre-qualified prospects that have already expressed an interest in a specific product or service offering. Many salespeople simply do not have the time to make the necessary amount of calls to produce their own appointments. Because of this reality, businesses can use appointment setting strategically to support their salespeople and keep them and their pipeline on schedule. Appointment Setting is a great way to allow you to focus on closing sales in a timely fashion. Grindstone can help.

Expert B2B Appointment Setting Services.

Appointment Setting embraces both phone and face to face appointments or even a combination of the two, this is a very convenient and secure operation. The only difference between lead generation and appointment setting is the commitment level of the prospective client. Lead Generation allows sales executives to perform general follow up while Appointment Setting embraces a specific and agreed upon time to present services. Appointment Setting takes a step out of the sales process by eliminating an action item which is the prospect’s commitment to speaking with your sales executives on a specific date and time. Ultimately, well-qualified appointments reduce your sales cycle time and make an immediate impact on your bottom line.
These services also incorporate database updating, qualification, email integration, follow up and automated lead nurturing to ensure that your sales team receives only the highest quality appointments. Every salesperson needs to monitor and manage their time as well. Grindstone coordinates with each member of your sales team and creates customized schedules and calendars to keep your pipeline active while working within time management constraints. It is important that your sales team is always active without being overwhelmed. This is how Grindstone’s Appointment setting comes into play. Our expert services keep your schedule full and organized. This limits the total amount of stress on your sales team. Grindstone will collaborate with your company and sales staff to fully understand your needs, create opportunities, and leverage your ability to generate a healthy return on investment.

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If you or your sales team are lacking qualified leads, appointments or sales, you have come to the right place. Our multi-touch and follow up strategies get our clients results. Grindstone’s highly experienced B2B Telemarketing Services team is laser focused on what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.

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""I wanted to drop a note to tell you all at Grindstone how happy I am with our engagement with Grindstone, Inc.. Dawn was great to work with (same for Jason toward the end), and Judi, my assigned caller, was the star of the show. She is just super. I learned a lot from her, and she even recommended a very nice book which I read and enjoyed. Dawn, Judi and I always had a nice time catching up on things during our weekly calls. I consider them friends. Grindstone provides outstanding service at a fair price. I will recommend you to others who need the services you offer. You have a great company!"" - David Long (Strategy Advocates)
"The team at Grindstone continues to serve as a valuable investment to my insurance agency. They provide a professional staff that not only knows how to make prospecting calls, but enjoys doing so. We utilize our weekly meetings to review the responses and tweak the message as necessary. I have begun to see the fruits of the Grindstone labor and my ROI continues to grow. If your company is looking to increase their visibility and need B2B Telemarketing Services, Grindstone has a professional, well trained staff that is sure to suit your needs!" - CG Insurance
"The people at Grindstone are excellent to work with. They are very flexible in changing the program on the fly and were willing to work around my difficult needs. I just wish the rest of the people in the sales process were as studious as them!" - Shawn Kuehn (Kuehn Bevel)
"I have used Grindstone for several years with great satisfaction. The company operates with the utmost professionalism and reliability. I can always count on my Grindstone customer service representative to promptly update me on status and to be available by phone whenever I need. They are fair, honest, reliable and extremely professional. What more can you ask for. I cannot recommend Grindstone high enough.” " - Jamie Rosenberg (Adopt A Classroom)
"Our technology company hired Grindstone to help us execute our outbound B2B appointment setting and lead generation initiatives. I have been very pleased with our partnership and the added value Grindstone brings in the areas of training, motivation and management. Grindstone and their team have done a great job of delivering the lead generation services we need to grow revenue. We consider them an integral part of our team." - Rafael Cantu (National Sales Director‏, CyWest Communications)

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