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Grindstone offers professional B2B Appointment Setting Services, and our primary focus is on closable leads. If you are looking for qualified leads, then you are at the right place. Grindstone’s multi-touch and follow-up strategies get our clients results.

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Grindstone is also one of the few B2B sales lead support companies to offer an all-American workforce located in the United States. Above all, Grindstone always puts its customer’s needs first and has maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.

B2B Appointment Setting Services - Grindstone, Inc.Appointment Setting is essential for a successful company. It is also beneficial to companies with smaller sales forces. It allows a company to optimize scheduling in order to assist clients better.

There is a distinct difference and skill set between closers and prospectors, and some salespeople will prefer to fix their own appointments. Regardless, the majority prefer to speak with pre-qualified prospects, especially the ones with interest in a specific product or service.

Appointment Setting is a great way to focus on closing sales. Grindstone can help. Many salespeople don’t have the time to make the calls to fix their appointments. So, to address this, businesses use appointment settings services to support their salespeople. By doing so it helps to keep them and their pipeline on schedule. 

Expert B2B Appointment Setting Services.

Appointment Setting embraces phone and physical appointments as well as a combination of both of them. It is a very convenient and secure operation.

The only difference between lead generation and appointment setting is the commitment level of the prospective client. Lead Generation allows sales executives to perform general follow-up. In contrast, Appointment Setting embraces a scheduled time to present services.

Appointment Setting takes a step out of the sales process. It eliminates the action item. It’s the prospect’s duty to speak with your sales executives on a specific date and time. Ultimately, well-qualified appointments will reduce your sales cycle time. And finally, it will make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

These services also include database updating, qualification, email integration, follow up and automated lead nurturing. This is to ensure that your sales team receives only high-quality appointments.

Every salesperson needs to monitor and manage their time as well. In order to create customized schedules and calendars, we coordinate with each member of your sales team. This will keep your pipeline active while working within time management constraints.

Your sales team must always be active. However, they must not be overwhelmed. Grindstone’s Appointment setting comes into play here. Our expert services will keep your schedule full and organized. This limits the total amount of stress on your sales team. 

To better understand your needs, Grindstone collaborates with your company and sales staff. And as a result, more opportunities will be created. Not only that, but we will also leverage your ability to generate a healthy ROI.

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