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Grindstone’s Lead Generation Services USA – Business Development Agents and Management team are among the best in the industry. Since 2003, many successful programs and revenue generating opportunities have been conducted. The ability to deliver quality results can be directly related to the representation on the phone. Our people do not view themselves as telemarketers, but rather business development experts who have made a career and living in this field.

Background Checks

We thoroughly screen all of our managers and business development agents.

A+ Rating

Look up our rating with the Better Business Bureau.


We have invested substantial money into building our own proprietary online system. This system is superior to our competitors and boasts real time performance reporting metrics, custom data and campaign management, and intelligent email lead nurturing. It was designed specifically for these types of business development efforts. You will get direct online access to daily reports and your updated database. We will give you a demo any time.

Realistic Expectations

Grindstone strives to create honest and realistic expectations for each client we represent. Quality partnerships are derived from the ability to create an expectation and deliver on it.

Feedback and Communication

All productive partnerships require excellent communication skills. Grindstone’s lead generation services USA team provides clear and concise feedback along with valuable recommendations to achieve optimal results. The team is available whenever you deem it necessary. Few competitors in our industry provide direct interaction with both the Agents and Management Team on a regular basis.

Custom Programs

We deliver programs matched to your specific needs.

Scripting and Strategy Approach

Grindstone will work to understand your value proposition and what differentiates your organization from your competition. A well thought out approach and documented outline to engage in conversations will be developed free of charge by Grindstone. Any previous scripting can be utilized and the Management Team is always willing to give feedback based on our historical experiences.

Fast Launches

Grindstone can efficiently launch programs in 3-5 business days .


Clients can provide their own list or choose to use Grindstone’s proven list resources.

Not a Call Center

Grindstone is not a call center. Grindstone’s lead generation services USA is a professional business development company. Brick and mortar firms are for consumer calling, not business to business. Eliminate paying for overwhelming overhead costs and expensive dialing systems that are not aligned with making meaningful and engaging first impressions. No stuffy boiler room noise and script reading. No limitations on labor pool talent .There is never a second chance to make a first impression.

Your Reputation is our reputation

Grindstone is here to represent your company in the most positive fashion and manner. There are no hard sales tactics or used car salesmen here. Our goal is to deliver your message professionally and maintain the reputation and brand your company has strived so hard to create.

Choose your own commitment level and pricing

The client dictates the budget and commitment level for each engagement. Grindstone’s Business Development Team will provide recommendations but we leave the choice up to you. Regardless of the starting point, our goal is to create successful and long lasting partnerships.

Why Grindstone’s Lead Generation Services USA

Our Philosophy

Utilize experienced professionals lead generation services USA and technology automation working together to maximize results. Our online system can be completely customized for automated lead nurturing and automation activities. We embrace a “multiple touch point” strategy that builds confidence and awareness in your prospective clients. We update your database with email addresses and use digital collateral in our process. We combine this with technology that implements marketing automation with intelligent email and lead nurturing. The days of hard hitting pressure selling are over. Our approach to your market will be consultative, educational, soft selling, and relationship building. It is crucial to establish trust and convey confidence with today’s educated buyer. Each program is managed with the highest level of professionalism.

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