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Need Highly Qualified B2B Appointments and Leads?

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Pricing and Options
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“I’m very happy with the professionalism and communication level that your team showed during my campaign and I would recommend others to you. I honestly don’t think there is a better company out there that can match the quality and cost. Thank you and I hope to use you again very soon.”
-Health soft Solutions


“I have used Grindstone for several years with great satisfaction. The company operates with the utmost professionalism and reliability. I can always count on my Grindstone customer service representative to promptly update me on status and to be available by phone whenever I need. They are fair, honest, reliable and extremely professional. What more can you ask for. I cannot recommend Grindstone high enough.”
– James Rosenberg, President & Founder, Adopt-A-Classroom


“Our technology company hired Grindstone to help us execute our outbound B2B appointment setting and lead generation initiatives. I have been very pleased with our partnership and the added value Grindstone brings in the areas of training, motivation and management. Grindstone and their team have done a great job of delivering the lead generation services we need to grow revenue. We consider them an integral part of our team.”
– Rafael Cantu, National Sales Director‏, CyWest Communications

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Modern • B2B Telemarketing • American Professionals

Proven Results since 2003


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By outsourcing telemarketing services to a professional telemarketing…

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Setting Services

Embraces both phone & face to face appointments or a combination of the two …

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Lead Generation

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company the purpose is simple…

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B2B Market Research / Survey / Database Updating: Learn about your customers, your competitors…

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Experience Matters.

Delivering Quality Results since 2003.

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If you or your sales team are lacking qualified leads, appointments or sales, you have come to the right place. Our multi-touch and follow up strategies get our clients results. Grindstone’s highly experienced team is laser focused on what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.

Accelerated revenue and client ROI is our number one priority!

Call Today: (888) 724-7463 or Email Us

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Accelerated revenue and client ROI is our number one priority!

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Sales Support Experts Since 2003

No long term contracts – Flexible Pricing
Multi-touch Strategies including email 


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