Grindstone’s Survey Lead Solutions uses a proactive B2B Telemarketing approach. Our seasoned professionals will get your team a wealth of information used to generate highly qualified sales leads. Smart B2B Telemarketing has evolved. Profiling your potential customers by acquiring smart sales intelligence can drive new business opportunities.

It is crucial to gain background on the latest buying behavior of your target market. How nice would it be if your sales team was armed with background information on their prospects before a meeting even takes place? To know how your customers are thinking when it comes to your your industry, niche, products and/or services you are selling, you really must ask them directly.

Grindstone’s Survey Lead Solutions

We use a proactive B2B Telemarketing approach by asking specific questions which obtain sales intelligence for your sales team. We use a very friendly, professional, non- threatening method to conduct the surveys with your target market. Our seasoned Survey Lead Solutions professionals will get your team a wealth of information used to generate highly qualified sales leads.

Survey Lead Solutions

By conducting smart Survey Lead Solutions, and asking the right questions, we can get the background sales intelligence you need to crush your sales goals with highly qualified sales leads.

Grindstone’s team of seasoned professionals can conduct a smart survey campaign for your company. Contact us today!

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“The team at Grindstone continues to serve as a valuable investment to my insurance agency. They provide a professional staff that…
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The people at Grindstone are excellent to work with.  They are very flexible in changing the program on the fly and were willing to work around my difficult needs.
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I have used Grindstone for several years with great satisfaction. The company operates with the utmost professionalism and reliability…
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Our technology company hired Grindstone to help us execute our outbound B2B appointment setting and lead generation initiatives…
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