sales-followup-325Sales Follow Up

You’ve made a connection with a potential customer, discussed their needs,
your service offering, discussed price, and submitted a proposal or estimate.

Now following up with that potential customer is the key to your successful
sale and your company’s growth. Managing the task of consistent sales follow up calls can be tedious and time consuming.

Multiple sales industry studies show that 85% of businesses aren’t making enough follow-up phone calls to potential customers. They’ve discovered that the average sales rep makes between 1.7 and 2.1 attempts to reach potential customers. THAT IS NOT NEARLY ENOUGH.

If your people are only calling twice on average it is probable that you are losing a significant amount of business to competitors, while expending your valuable time and money in the process. Sales Follow Up is crucial. There should never be more then a few days between when you induce your product to a client and the follow up. If you wait or give too much time to think it over, you give the potential client to think too much. They may change their mind or start to talk themselves out of making the decision. Sales follow up is a great feature that helps you keep track of where in the process your client is in. It is also a good tool for keeping your records up to date.

If your lead doesn’t buy from you who will they buy from? Well, if you’re only calling twice on average, then they’re probably buying from your competitor. Sales Follow Up is critical. The constant contact with the buyer not only insures that the client will be more likely to buy your product but it also opens up a line of trust and communication between you the client. When you work with a Grindstone sale specialist, you actively partner with a company that can help you craft practices and metrics to elevate your results to drive revenue.

Our skilled agents will make the necessary continued sales follow up calls to all your prospects. We handle all the calls and follow up emails to keep your company at the top of the minds of your prospect company and nurture leads to an overall higher closing rate.

We have been able to improve our clients close ratio by up to 40%.

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