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Grindstone's Mission
Empowering Your Business Success Through Comprehensive Support

At Grindstone, our mission is to serve as the foundational support that propels your business to success. We recognize that your success is our success, and we aim to be the unwavering backbone behind your achievements. In the dynamic business landscape, finding seasoned and dedicated employees can be challenging, and growth often stretches the limits of your existing team's capacity. This is precisely where Grindstone steps in.

With a comprehensive suite of services spanning lead generation to event promotion and follow-up, we offer that critical missing piece of the puzzle your business has been seeking.

Grindstone is dedicated to lightening your workload, allowing you to concentrate on the strategic vision and overarching goals of your business. Trust us to be the support system that enables your business to thrive and reach new heights of success.
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Our Approach

Grindstone doesn’t call your prospects using a canned script. We take our time to know you. First, we do extensive in-depth research. Then finally, customize an approach built around your company’s unique value proposition.

Our process is simple. We use an experienced team to learn about your products and services, and then they create customized scripts. From there they derive a customized calling program.
Our sales lead generation approach is non-abrasive. Also, it focuses on meaningful conversations with your prospects.

Next is our multi-touch and integrated marketing approach. It incorporates database updating and email integration. This approach is also responsible for follow up, lead qualification, as well as drip email for lead nurturing.

The more ways you are ahead of your prospective clients, the better your chances to close more businesses. We keep your company on the radar of your prospects!
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Grindstone is an Award-Winning Lead Generation Company

We specialize in professional B2B marketing and sales programs for clients nationally and internationally. Since 2003, Grindstone is one of the few B2B sales lead support companies to offer an all-American workforce located in the United States. Above all, Grindstone always puts its customers ’ needs first and has maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.
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A Proactive B2B Telemarketing Approach

We employ a proactive B2B telemarketing approach, strategically crafting questions that yield valuable sales intelligence for your sales team.

Our method is characterized by a combination of friendliness and professionalism when conducting surveys with your target market. The Survey Lead Solutions professionals at Grindstone leverage their expertise to gather a wealth of information, providing your team with highly qualified sales leads.

Our smart Survey Lead Solutions focus on asking the right questions, ensuring that we acquire the necessary background sales intelligence essential for surpassing your sales goals. By delivering high-quality leads, we empower your sales team with the insights and data needed to achieve unparalleled success in your sales endeavors.
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Key reasons to outsource your sales lead generation efforts:

  You do not have enough time to make the calls yourself

 ✔ You are great at closing qualified prospects but not generating initial interest

In-house callers are underperforming

  Managing In-house programs can be a real time-consuming headache

 ✔ Save money and reduce overhead

  Free up your time to focus on improving other aspects of your business
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