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“I wanted to drop a note to tell you how happy I am with our engagement with Grindstone, Inc. We really enjoyed working with Dawn, Jason, and Judi, who was just super. She was the star of the show, and I learned a lot from them. Grindstone’s team is great at making one feel comfortable with the new technology and the services provided us with qualified leads. They were so friendly that now I consider all of them friends.

For everyone interested in working with Grindstone, I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family and say that they are indeed a great company!”
– David Long, Strategy Advocates
"We had tried a few other call centers in the past and had not had much success before we found Grindstone. They have been very professional and great to work with. They have been very successful in reaching our target customers. I highly recommend working with this company!"
– Rourke T. Smith
"Grindstone worked diligently with us to accommodate the various Sales Team needs. Grindstone implemented a process that was easy to follow and the agents assigned immediately became effective in the campaign. The results yielded over 800 appointments set. This enabled our Sales Team to focus on the closing of a prospect instead of the cold calling. All of our Sales Team have benefited from the efforts of the Grindstone agents. It is a pleasure to work with the Grindstone team; they want the work, they are cost effective, they do a great job and they provide the support required for my team to be successful. I look forward to continued use of their services."
– Everest Fuel Management
"I’m very happy with the professionalism and communication level that your team showed during my campaign and I would recommend others to you. I honestly don’t think there is a better company out there that can match the quality and cost. Thank you and I hope to use you again very soon."
– Healthsoft Solutions
"We have been using Grindstone, actively, for approximately 7 weeks and during that time nearly 250 leads have been generated! Our company has been represented in the most friendly and professional way and the leads have surpassed our expectations. Thank you Grindstone."
– Marc Brick Display
"I would absolutely recommend Grindstone for your company. My experience has been great and they have met all of our monthly goals that we have set for our Business Development Group considering prospecting. Grindstone has a knack, in our case, for getting to the right people and also being able to weave around objections. Their close rate (getting an appointment, face to face or phone) has been around 3-5% for our entire database we sent and well above our quota for appointments per month. Their systematic approach to telemarketing doesn’t let the prospect off the hook and does so without over saturating them."
– Ryan K. APR Supply
"Everyone was very professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with."
– Investors Group Financial Services
"I have used Grindstone for several years with great satisfaction. The company operates with the utmost professionalism and reliability. I can always count on my Grindstone customer service representative to promptly update me on status and to be available by phone whenever I need. They are fair, honest, reliable and extremely professional. What more can you ask for. I cannot recommend Grindstone high enough."
– James Rosenberg, President & Founder, Adopt-A-Classroom
"Our technology company hired Grindstone to help us execute our outbound B2B appointment setting and lead generation initiatives. I have been very pleased with our partnership and the added value Grindstone brings in the areas of training, motivation and management. Grindstone and their team have done a great job of delivering the lead generation services we need to grow revenue. We consider them an integral part of our team."
– Rafael Cantu, National Sales Director‏, CyWest Communications
"Yes! 100% recommended.
Great folks – creative – down to earth – combined with integrity and real world experience. Looked at 5 other companies, gave them test drives/trial lists – Grindstone topped them all. Not only with sales/contact, appointment results, but most important, never a complaint about the Telemarketing call–Professional is the word that comes to mind."
– Jack Nunn –President – Sage Art & Design, Inc.
"As an independent contractor in the commercial real estate industry I founded it difficult to be consist cold calling prospective clients. When things got busy the cold calling was not getting done. I had to find a solution that allowed for a constant level of cold calling over an extended period of time. In November of 2013 I started working with Grindstone to assist me in this effort. The results have been dramatic. In just six months I have been able to fill my pipeline for the rest of the year. I am excited about the revenue growth that is possible over the next twelve months based on our success so far."
– Tom Jacobs, Senior VP of Cassidy Turley, Commercial Real Estate
"Working with Grindstone was one of the best marketing decisions we have made. They were very courteous and accommodating when it came to any questions or concerns that we had. They always stayed strong, and made the customer hear them out and request more information. They gave very specific details and notes regarding their calls, and always treated the customers with the utmost respect. Their team really made use of their time; they made so many calls we could barely keep up! We have nothing but praise for Grindstone and will definitely continue to work with them in the future."
– Breana, East Coast Cable Solutions
"As a small company, Investment Technology Partners is well positioned for growth in our industry, but like so many small businesses, internally we lack the physical manpower to execute on an effective outbound sales effort. That’s where Grindstone came in! Business development campaigns that are centered on telephone calling are difficult to say the least, and quite frankly, not many people or organizations are geared up to be very good at it. When you look at Grindstone, you see a firm that is completely geared for this and you cannot help but see a happy vision of what their services could do for your business!"
– Investment Technology Partners
"I have a business consulting firm. I’m impressed with Grindstone’s management team. They are very easy to work with and very professional. I have had bad experiences with other outsourcing companies due to lack of ongoing communication and feedback. Grindstone is very responsive to my needs. As a result we were able to quickly make adjustments in our campaign to see quality results."
– Sandy K.
"Grindstone executed a very effective lead generation program for my software business. My sales team was able to focus on closing new business instead of prospecting. I observed a noticeable difference in their motivation levels with Grindstones assistance. As a result, we shortened our average sales cycle to realize more immediate revenues. Thank you Grindstone!"
– Mike H.
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